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If you’re a spiritual seeker who is ready to activate your life path and experience a heart activation of super-sized proportions, learn about the Incan shamanic traditions, then join Jaime Amadio, Medicine Woman, Healer and Transformational Coach for a heart-centred, soul-powered retreat in the Sacred Valley of the Incas and Lake Titicaca, Peru.

Sitting in a sacred circle, at the Sacred Heart of the Condor stone in the hills above Cusco, a butterfly dances around you as the sun warms your face and a gentle breeze caresses you. Immense energy is softly building, and you feel your heart centre open up as the energy of the land pulsates up through the earth, into your body and activates your heart, connecting you to the ancestors of this place, to your spirit guides and fellow travelers. You’ve never felt so open, so grounded. You have entered the heart realm, and this instant blessed by love washes away all wounds.


You have the deep sense that you have been here before, on the sacred land of the Incas, long, long ago…

You have received the call of the Apus (mountain spirits)… They are calling you home.


Pilgrimage through the Sacred Valley

Date TBA

Experience the magic of The Sacred Valley of Cusco

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Who is this retreat for?

If you’re a spiritual seeker who is ready to activate your life path and experience a heart activation of super-sized proportions then this retreat is totally for you! Learn about the Incan shamanic traditions and join me for a heart centered, soul-powered retreat in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Why the Sacred Valley of the Incas?

The ancient cultures in the Andean Mountains of Peru have always had the ability to walk between the worlds. Andean cosmology speaks of the Upper World (represented by the Condor), Middle World (represented by the Puma) and Lower World (represented by the Snake). These cultures also gave great reverence to the spirits of the mountains and the extraterrestrial beings who worked closely with them in order to evolve the people to greater levels of consciousness. They created complex systems for harnessing the power of the sun, moon and planets.

Every temple and ancient site holds the secrets and mysteries from a time long ago. As we walk the path of the Andean way, we merge our hearts with the ancient beings who are here in service and experience a raising of consciousness to epic proportions. Synapses create new pathways in your mind that lead to new ways of being that have never been experienced before.

These ancient beings only share their secrets with the chosen few, and you are here now because you felt a calling in your soul.

What will I experience in this retreat?

You'll infuse your veins with the light of purpose!

Imagine creating a life from the depths of your spirit so you can nurture the conditions and transformation needed to live a fully empowered life.

You surprise and delight yourself in how you hold safe, sacred space for you and your tribe, empowering yourself and others to heal, grow and awaken. All because you’ve cultivated an unshakeable trust within yourself!

The world is changing as we are merging into higher dimensions, and your presence and gifts are needed right now.

Through the power of intent, you are actively raising the vibration of the entire planet. As you heal yourself, you heal the collective. Doing this in sacred ceremony, while being supported by masters both seen and unseen is an experience that will be with you forever. 

What is possible by the end of the journey?

You will develop an intimate relationship with the ancestral medicine, wachuma. Apu wachuma is a medicine of the heart that shows you how to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ without ego. Circumstances in your life will become clear. Questions will be answered. Pathways will be revealed.

As the veils between the worlds disappear, you will have the direct experience of no separation.  

Limitations that have prevented you from doing the things your heart desires will slowly be dissolved.

Your inner knowing, your intuition, will be amplified to the point that there is no doubt about why you’re here and what you are meant to do.

You will learn how to call in the energetic support you need to accomplish your greatest goals in life.

The mystery of love is what you will become.

What's included?
  • 11 night's accommodation in a private retreat centre

  • 1 night accommodation 3 star hotel

  • 2 nights accommodation homestay

  • All breakfasts and dinners

  • All transportation

  • Transfers to and from the airport

  • Entrances fees to archaeological sites

  • All San Pedro and ceremonies

  • All despacho ceremonies

  • Coca reading

  • Andean massage

What's not included?
  • International flights

  • Domestic flights

  • Meals where not stated

  • Snacks

  • Drinks

  • Gratuities/tips

What's my investment?

Full Price TBA

A non-refundable deposit of US$500 is required to reserve your spot

Payment plans are available. Please contact Jaime to discuss details​

Cancellation policy
  • Cancellations made between now and the trip departure date will result in a total loss of funds. We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum (if we do so your deposit will be refunded in full). We reserve the right to determine if you are not a good fit for this trip (if we do so your deposit will be refunded in full).

  • Should the exchange rate vary more than 5%, the price is subject to change. Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans. 

Sacred secrets of th Andes




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I came to Peru to heal my physical vessel and to heal whatever emotional and energetic traumas were causing my un-wellness. Whilst working with wachuma I was able to tap into past relationships, and see things from new perspectives. I was able to visit traumas within my birth and my mother line, and the masculine and feminine lines within my family linage. I was able to have deep forgiveness processes for myself and family members. I experienced deep releases and forgiveness processes for traumas.


Wales, UK

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​I have been on a profound spiritual journey of knowing heart spirit and self, and the divine exquisite and sometimes excruciating unfolding my path. There is much to say yet there are simply no words. 
This week I found my true authentic voice. 




Jaime helped me in a progressive way to tap into certain emotions and explore those related with processing past experiences. I've gained insights about myself and my emotions, as well as an ability to put in practice self-healing techniques. I recommend Jaime because of her sweet, deep and caring approach, and because she is trained in very effective emotional healing techniques.

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