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Experience the profound yet gentle heart opening of the Grandfather medicine, Wachuma (also known as San Pedro), where the veils between the worlds will disappear.


Enter into a mystical world where the ancestors of these lands will reveal themselves and share the secrets they have been holding for eons. Visit pre-Inkan temples where the beings have given their life in service and their soul remains in the temple space to help those who come for healing. Pilgrimage to incredible mountains that have existed since the beginning of time and receive their teachings of wisdom, consciousness and love.

Working with Grandfather medicine, Wachuma (also known as San Pedro), you will experience a deeply profound heart-opening that will assist in seeing through veils of illusion. Wachuma has been used for more than 3,000 years in Peru and is a medicine of the heart that connects us deeply to ourselves, each other and Pachamama (the earth), giving you a direct experience of no separation. It removes the ego and opens space for us to see, feel and experience our lives as an ascended master, as pure love.


Jaime will guide you through a deep transformational journey of your inner wilderness while hiking through the Andean mountains.


Because of the nature of this work and the healings that will occur, we will hold a sharing circle at the end of the day to assist in integrating the deep transformations. One-on-one sessions will also be available to support your integration. On this profound experience, we will be supported by many masters both physical and nonphysical. The Apus (mountain spirits) will make their presence known and felt throughout the entire journey and the temples, portals, and power of the land will make this an experience of life-altering proportions.


Be prepared to move mountains.


“Jaime is Powerful. She is deeply self connected and operates from the 'inside out'. She doesn't lavish you with frills or niceties and trusts you to take care of your own comfort's. Her gifts are wisdom and insights - and they are powerful. I've never used medicine before and was anxious about the San Pedro. Jaime's confidence and powerful Shamanistic presence was essential to my participation. I don't have words to describe the magical place she brought us to (she insists it chose her). We spent the day there and were basked in glorious sunshine, mountains, ruins, flowers, fields (with the most precious old Quechua couple working the land all day). The place alone was intoxicating. Jaime's initial ceremony in the round temple was professional and it was evident that she has significant experience and command of wachuma (San Pedro), ceremony and Shaman traditions. She has studied under Shaman’s from around the world for many, many years. She spent 18 hours preparing our 'medicine' and assured me it was all 100% natural and safe. My nephew had powerful revelations and laughed and cried all. day. I threw up and spent the day gravitating to Jaime, who performed energy work on me that was very unique (and effective!). It's hard to explain and I recommend you try it out for yourself. I'll be honest that I started the day resisting Jaime and finished it just LOVING her. I want her in my orbit forever. It's heart-warming to find a woman with such wisdom and strength. She offered my nephew powerful healing and insights (medically, spiritually, and interpersonally). And she brought me much laughter and joy, and I relished coat tailing on her authentic strength all day. Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. You won't regret it (unless you drink orange juice before the ceremony...DONT do that). :-)

Alicia, USA

Thank you so much for our journey yesterday. The profundity of experience lasted well into the night. I feel rock solid today and am still out letting go of a lot of emotion (more than the totality of life prior to this). I will never forget this experience or you. I am deeply grateful for your guidance, and I hope that I can continue to learn about issues with personal control, and a deep fear of letting go. I am so afraid of not being in control of my life, contraposed with a deep need to explore those sentiments. Dichotomy.

James, USA

I honestly came into the experience not knowing what to expect and I’ve left feeling complete and a great deal of love for Jaime and the new friends I met today. Beautiful, wild and holy experience.

Ghadi, USA

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