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Shamanic Breathwork helps you access deep states of love, compassion, forgiveness and bliss.


A  deep circular breathing technique floods your body with oxygen allowing the conscious mind to fall away. This lets the subconscious mind step forward, taking you on a journey into a Non-Ordinary State of Consciousness (NOSC).


Entering the NOSC can feel like 1000 doorways opening at once. 


In this state of expanded awareness, you can access etheric worlds, past lives, trapped emotions, and forgotten memories. 


Spirit beings, Guides and Angels often communicate to us here, showing visions of past, present and future.


Breathwork can also be cathartic as it releases stored or trapped emotions from the body. This allows you to move into a place of acceptance, fulfilment and happiness.


 Breathwork is a safe and simple technique for those ready to experience deep transformation. 

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