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Hey there, I'm Jaime!

My story begins in Sydney, Australia. By day I had a successful, high level corporate career. By night I was learning about healing modalities, attending self-development programs and reading every spiritual book I could get my hands on. 


I was torn between two worlds.


  • I felt over-worked, constantly anxious, stressed and completely burnt out.

  • My sleep quality was awful due to my inability to hit my personal 'off' switch.

  • Weekends were spent nourishing my insatiable hunger to collect things…clothes, shoes, cars, houses… basically anything materialistic that I could add to my ‘success’ portfolio that also distracted me from the sinking feeling that there was more to life than this 9-5.

  • My health felt like it was below average.

  • I had numerous failed relationships.

  • I never had enough money as I believed it would always run out (even with an impressive six figure salary). 


Nothing in my life felt like it was flowing. I was caught on a hamster wheel and I couldn’t figure out how to stop running - no matter how exhausted (mentally or physically) I felt.


Does any of this sound familiar to you? 


During this time, I began working with a life coach. We dug deep and discovered anger that was suppressed pain from the trauma I had experienced in my younger years due to physical and sexual assault. Releasing and clearing this anger was not only the most liberating thing I had ever done but it showed me the power the past can hold on our present. In identifying and excavating these emotions I was able free up space for what I have been searching for to come in: The next step aka: clarity.


I had the earth-shattering realisation that the career I was in was because I wanted the approval of my parents. I had spent much of my career chasing approval rather than my passion. 


I packed up my life in Sydney and went traveling in South East Asia to find answers. It was time to honestly question whether my beliefs came from my heart or from my programming. Which truths were really mine? Which deep-seated beliefs were ready to go?


The more I cleared, the more space opened up for my intuition to come online and for my true calling to come through. I had always been drawn to people who needed guidance or those who needed someone to just listen and hold space. But there were limiting beliefs I kept recycling that I used as reasons to not follow my path:


  • I discovered that I was scared no one would want to work with me.

  • I was terrified to start because I felt others were doing it better.

  • I felt I didn’t have a gift to share or that I just flat wasn’t good enough or worthy enough to create the life I really felt called to live.


I faced these beliefs and began my coaching career organically in Bali. I would meet with individuals for one-on-one sessions in coffee shops in Ubud. I decided to start sharing what I had learned and helping people find their own answers quickly became my passion. The work I did during this time is now shared in my 6 month Shapeshifter Program. it is a deeply introspective, fully guided and effective journey that has helped my clients embrace the extraordinary lives they knew existed but could not yet define. (For more information on my coaching programs, please click here.)


Today, I am nestled in the mountains of Peru and I pinch myself at the different paths my life has taken since those high flying career days in the corporate world. I now work with clients all across the globe - in Australia, the US, the UK, Europe, Central and South America and more. In additional to my transformational coaching sessions, I welcome people from all over the world to Peru to hold space for them in powerful spiritual retreats. I have held ceremonial plant medicine space with Wachuma (San Pedro) since 2017 and I offer protocols and therapeutic support to guide your use of the medicine.


As I said on the welcome page, it would be an honor to hold space for you and help guide you towards the life you have always desired. Courage does not exist without fear - but if you're willing to show up and face it, I will support you wholeheartedly. If you are ready to move forward, click here to schedule your free clarity call

With Love and Gratitude, 


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