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  • How many transformational coaching sessions do I need?
    In order to get to the root of your current life situation, we need to go deep into your past and bring to the surface things that have been long forgotten. This exploration is a delicate journey that we will take at a pace that feels right and safe for you. It is impossible to release a lifetime of addictions, trauma, hurt and frustration in 1 session, so I have created 1 Month, 3 Month and 6 Months packages so we can get the most out of our time together. Once we get started it is beneficial to have weekly sessions. If too much time is left between each session the emotions and trauma tend to fall back into suppression. I offer a free 30min Clarity Call so we can discuss your situation, answer any questions you may have and determine which package is best for you.
  • What happens during a transformational coaching session?
    You will be guided through a dialogue that will reveal what needs your attention and what is calling for expression right now. I will create a safe space for you to fully sink into your body and emotions so you may express the memories, feelings and thoughts that are arising. We will move through acknowledging these aspects of self, giving them full expression and space for clearing through various modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping), Journey Work, Guided Meditation and Visualization Techniques, Mind-Body Counseling, Shamanic Counseling, Transformational and Transpersonal Coaching.
  • Who will benefit from transformational coaching?
    Those who have:​ -- Insomnia, depression, anxiety and chronic stress. -- Heightened anger and frustration. -- Feelings of guilt and hopelessness. -- Physical abuse and sexual trauma. -- Loss of motivation and inspiration for life. -- Addictions of any type, drugs, alcohol, food, sex, etc… -- Chronic pain - physical, emotional. -- Physical health issues, long and short-term disease, diabetes, cancer, HIV. -- Dissatisfaction with work, career, relationships.
  • What can I expect out of a transformational coaching session?
    You may experience a flood of emotions and memories as you allow yourself to open and feel what was has been suppressed, or what is bursting for expression. A sense of release, peace and lightness as old stories and heavy emotions rise to the surface and dissipate into nothingness. The release of binding limitations that prevented you from manifesting. Liberation from shame, guilt, embarrassment and unworthiness from your past. The release of anger, pain, fear, depression, despair and powerlessness. The embodiment of hope, passion, happiness and freedom as your ultimate expressions of self. Increased physical energy and weight loss as emotional baggage falls away.
  • Am I a right candidate for the Shapeshifter program?
    The Shape Shifter Program is for you if you are ready to: -- Be authentic and vulnerable. -- Take responsibility for your life. -- Make a commitment to show up for yourself. Consistently. -- Look into your past and resolve the issues that still have a hold on you. -- Take action and make positive changes.
  • How long is the program?
    Your life path is unique and so are the trials and tribulations you have been through and the beliefs that are preventing you from embodying your Soul Path. Finding and clearing the limitations that are holding you back is an individual journey specific to you. This being so, The Program can take anywhere from 3 to 6 or even up to 9 months to complete. Each week you will be given a worksheet with a specific area to focus on, that you must complete before our next session. Some sections will bring up old patterns, triggers and emotional issues from the past that we will clear before moving on to the next section. The more we clear, the greater the liberation you will feel and the clearer your Soul Path will become.
  • What can I expect from the Shapeshifter program?
    This 8 part program covers the following: Part 1: Introduction to Your Inner Self. What it is to live a life of purpose? What about your life is in alignment with this and what part of your life feels out of alignment? Part 2: Imagination, Dreams and Heart Desires. Get clear on everything you have learnt, know and achieved, then give yourself permission to go wild and dream up your perfect life. Part 3: Distractions, Sabotage and Truth Aches. How do you distract and sabotage yourself and what truths are aching to get your attention? Part 4: Disguises and Shadows. What masks do you show the world and what do you hide? Part 5: Emotional Patterns, Issues and Lessons. What are disappointments and traumas from the past that still have a hold on you? What are the patterns that keep tripping you up? Part 6: Befriending Confusion. The process of change that comes along with shedding one identity and embodying the new you. Part 7: Soul Pod. Who are the most impactful people in your life and why? What kind of people do you need to attract into your life that will help you grow on your new path? Whom do you need to let go of that is hindering your journey forward? Part 8: Gifts, Callings and Action. What is the gift you are here to share with the world and the action steps to get this project started?
  • Who will benefit from the Shapeshifter program?
    This work is totally for you if… -- You are feeling frustrated with life and are unsure why or what to change. -- You are stuck in a hamster wheel of working to pay off debts and can't see a way out. -- You dream of a life filled with inspiration and deep satisfaction. -- You know you have a bigger purpose and calling to share but don't know what it is or how to bring it through. -- You are seeking to gain clarity around relationships, health and abundance. -- You are ready to make big changes in your life.
  • Who's this retreat for?
    This journey is TOTALLY for you if you: -- Know you are a being of power who has a bigger purpose and calling to share -- Are ready to shed layers of emotions, beliefs, and patterns that no longer serve you -- Are open to all spiritual traditions and believe in honouring Pachamama, all beings, masters both physical and non-physical -- Are open, curious and/or excited about working with plant medicines -- Are okay with being vulnerable within a sacred container -- Secretly think you might be a shaman or healer -- Are both excited and nervous about this trip!
  • Why the Sacred Valley of the Incas?
    The ancient cultures in the Andean Mountains of Peru have always had the ability to walk between the worlds. Andean cosmology speaks of the Upper World (represented by the Condor), Middle World (represented by the Puma) and Lower World (represented by the Snake). These cultures also gave great reverence to the spirits of the mountains and the extraterrestrial beings who worked closely with them in order to evolve the people to greater levels of consciousness. They created complex systems for harnessing the power of the sun, moon and planets. Every temple and ancient site holds the secrets and mysteries from a time long ago. As we walk the path of the Andean way, we merge our hearts with the ancient beings who are here in service and experience a raising of consciousness to epic proportions. Synapses create new pathways in your mind that lead to new ways of being that have never been experienced before. These ancient beings only share their secrets with the chosen few, and you are here now because you felt a calling in your soul.
  • What is possible by the end of the journey?
    You will develop an intimate relationship with the ancestral medicine, wachuma. Apu wachuma is a medicine of the heart that shows you how to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ without ego. Circumstances in your life will become clear. Questions will be answered. Pathways will be revealed. As the veils between the worlds disappear, you will have the direct experience of no separation. Limitations that have prevented you from doing the things your heart desires will slowly be dissolved. Your inner knowing, your intuition, will be amplified to the point that there is no doubt about why you’re here and what you are meant to do.You will learn how to call in the energetic support you need to accomplish your greatest goals in life. The mystery of love is what you will become.
  • Who's shouldn't consider this retreat?
    This journey is NOT for you if you: -- Aren’t willing to take a leap of faith -- Don’t want to do your own inner work -- Are not open to experiencing the simple mountain life -- Are attached to blaming outside circumstances for your happiness and success -- Enjoy making excuses, being negative or defensive -- Aren't interested in adventure, personal growth and major breakthroughs -- Aren’t willing to laugh, cry, hug – and get a little dusty
  • What's the purpose of the Sacred Secrets retreat?
    Imagine creating a life from the depths of your spirit so you can nurture the conditions and transformation needed to live a fully empowered life. You surprise and delight yourself in how you hold safe, sacred space for you and your tribe, empowering yourself and others to heal, grow and awaken. All because you’ve cultivated an unshakeable trust within yourself! The world is changing as we are merging into higher dimensions, and your presence and gifts are needed right now. Through the power of intent, you are actively raising the vibration of the entire planet. As you heal yourself, you heal the collective. Doing this in sacred ceremony, while being supported by masters both seen and unseen is an experience that will be with you forever.
  • What is included in the package?
    All meals; choice between vegan, vegetarian and meat (fish and chicken only) Fresh mountain herbal tea all day Accommodation at a beautiful 4-star retreat centre nestled in the picturesque Sacred Valley of Cusco All medicine ceremonies Despacho ceremony (offering to Pachamama) Temazcal ceremony Daily yoga ​​
  • Will I have enough space to discover my inner voice?
    Absolutely! This retreat is limited to 12 women to provide a powerful space for expansion, awareness, deepening and exploration.
  • What can I expect from Shamanica?
    On Shamanica you will: -- Remember who you truly are, a radiant being of Divine Love -- Connect with the wisdom of your womb --Channel the forces of the Cosmos and the elements of nature -- Release old patterns with lovers that no longer serve you -- Discover how to tap into the intelligence of your body -- Transform with Wachuma plant medicine ceremonies -- Experience a traditional temazcal and yoni steam -- Master your energy for transmuting and releasing -- Understand the use and wisdom of the sacred coca plant -- Receive a personalised coca leaf reading -- Visit pre Incan temples, inter-dimensional portals and power vortexes -- Experience deep understanding of unresolved issues from your past -- Find liberation from limitations that have held you back -- Nourish yourself with pure fresh mountain air and healthy organic cuisine -- Try a group sound healing -- Have a one-on-one personal shamanic healing session -- Enjoy an Andean massage -- Leave feeling lighter, freer, more empowered and clear on your purpose and path in life
  • Who is Shamanica for?
    Shamanica is for any woman who feels called to immerse herself in transformation through traditional Andean shamanic practices, Wachuma (San Pedro) plant ceremonies, core shamanism, womb wisdom, holotropic breathwork, drum journeys, dance and yoga.
  • Which payment options do you accept?
    Transferwise (credit card, debit card & bank transfer). I also offer payment plans.
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